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The bold Fut Coins will affection

Le 6 février 2015, 02:29 dans Humeurs 0

The bold Fut Coins will affection over assemblage cars apery the absolute best from decades of the motorsport.While the bold will still affection loading, UFG says players will acquaintance faster loading throughout the bold.

Players will alpha at the top as a able driver, with a best career in advancing offroad antagonism complimented by the befalling to authentic themselves in Gymkhanastyle showpiece animate events.

DiRT 3 is now in development at Codemasters Studios for a 2011 absolution on Xbox 360, PS3 and Amateur for Windows Live.

Modern Fut Coins Warfare for Xbox

Le 5 février 2015, 02:06 dans Humeurs 0

Modern Fut Coins Warfare for Xbox 360 News GfK ChartTrack reports that Activision and Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now the second bestselling video game in the UK, having last week overtaken Rockstar Games' GTA: San Andreas.

Modern Warfare rose one place to No.6 in the UK video game chart, with sales up by two per cent over last week.The blockbuster FPS now sits behind Nintendo's Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training on Nintendo DS, which surpassed sales of three million units in July 2009.

EA's Fut Coins excusive publishing

Le 4 février 2015, 02:15 dans Humeurs 0

EA's Fut Coins excusive publishing deal with Respawn Entertainment, the studio founded by sacked members of Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward, is seen as another shot at Activision.

But 2010 won't be the year EA shoots down Modern Warfare, EA's VP and UK GM Keith Ramsdale admitted.Are we going to beat Modern Warfare sales this year with any single title? No.

But do we have a longterm goal of taking more market share or possibly growing the market? Yes.” Ramsdale described Bad Company 2, which we awarded with a nine out of ten review score, as great .

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